The South Carolina State Park Service has a rich history dating back over 75 years to its beginnings with the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Although the park service has gone through many changes throughout its long history, the core values of conservation and stewardship of the resources of which they protect and service to the people and state of South Carolina remain unchanged.

South Carolina State Park Service Mission

To encourage people to discover South Carolina’s State Parks by providing resourced-based recreational and educational opportunities that emphasize the conservation, protection and interpretation of the state’s natural and cultural resources

South Carolina State Park Service Goals

  1. To serve as responsible stewards of the diverse natural and cultural resources entrusted to the SC State Park Service
  2. To provide quality customer service to our customers
  3. To provide an aesthetically pleasing physical environment in parks through methods that complement the State Park Service’s mission of stewardship and service
  4. To manage the fiscal resources of the State Park Service in an efficient and responsible manner
  5. To maximize the effectiveness of the State Park Service's human resources

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