How You Can Help

Every dollar that the Beautiful Places Alliance receives is directly invested into South Carolina’s state parks. The Alliance offers a variety of options for giving to state parks, ranging from a one-time general donation to a corporate donation for a specific project in a state park.

Through your contribution to the Beautiful Places Alliance, you are making a commitment to protect South Carolina’s state parks and preserve many of our state’s most-valued natural and cultural resources.

Following are ways you can donate:

Individual Giving

Make a one-time, online donation to the Beautiful Places Alliance.

Individuals can also sponsor specific projects or make other contributions.  E-mail us or call 1-800-471-4064 if you would like more information on how you can give or other giving options.

Corporate Giving

The Beautiful Places Alliance provides numerous opportunities for corporations to support South Carolina State Parks. Whether supporting a specific project or making a general contribution to state parks, all corporations are recognized for their support of the South Carolina State Parks Service.

If your company would like to contribute to a specific project or become more involved in protecting our state park resources, please contact Lou Fontana with the Beautiful Places Alliance at 1-800-471-4064 or via e-mail.

Foundations & Agencies

Foundation and agency grants and donations play a key role in the preservation of our state parks’ natural and cultural resources. These investments have not only served to protect our state’s valuable resources, but have also provided numerous “hands-on” educational opportunities for South Carolina’s children to explore their state’s history and environment.

For more information on how your foundation or agency can support State Parks, please contact Lou Fontana with the Beautiful Places Alliance at 1-800-471-4064 or via e-mail.