Park Friends

Friends Groups in the South Carolina State Park Service have become important resources in the daily operation and long-term management of parks.

They are usually formed by a group of dedicated volunteers who help operate the park, acquire funding, plan special events, support specific projects and raise awareness of the value of state parks. Many of them are called "Friends of (the state park)" or "Partners for (the state park)", but they all support public recreation and resource protection by expanding services without expanding costs.

Friends groups have been essential partners in developing and presenting state parks to the public around the country for many years. South Carolina is no exception.  Friends groups now actively help raise money, provide in-kind support and volunteer their time in interpretive and other roles throughout the parks they support.

Contact your local park to see how you can help, or just come on out and enjoy.  If you would like more detailed information on starting a friends group at a park, click here.

The state parks currently with active friends groups are: